Beschrijving Lapinporokoira door Olof T. Johansson

Olof Johansson is een rendier hoeder die nog werkt met Laplandse herdershonden. Hij is tevens voorvechter voor de rechten van de Saami in Zweeds Lapland. Op zijn eigen website kunt u meer over hem lezen. Hieronder een uit het Zweeds door Google vertaalde beschrijving van de Lapinporokoira als werkhond. Deze beschrijving is te vinden op de website van de Zweedse Lappenhond Club.

Renvallarhundens properties 

This is a description of what characteristics an appetizers Shepherd bears have to work as renvallarhund expressed by Olof T. Johansson. This was taken up by him at SLKs judgments conference in Stockholm in March 2010.Properties that an active lapsk renvallarhund should have (not in order of priority and according to my own opinions). It is both physical- that psykiska- and learning characteristics that I have mentioned. Physical

  • Ability to withstand rain, snow and cold
    dense thick coat that snow does not stick and which switches off the water. Paws that are not sensitive to kallsnöns slips between the pads. Good hair on the belly and ears. Must be able to work in temperatures down to -30 degrees.
  • Good buoyancy in the snow
    Then Shepherd dog in winter most runs in the scooter and renspår often unfrozen so like it that the dog is light in body and paws are relatively large. Even way to run / walk in loose snow does matter.
  • Insensitive to mosquitoes and gnats
    Dense thick coat, even in the stomach. If there are mosquitoes and gnats put the dog on his stomach to protect the most sensitive areas.
  • Endurance
    Lightweight body, sharp chest. Should be able to run several mil during a shift as well on bare ground as in snow. Do not run in vain.
  • Balance Ability
    As a modern shepherd dog needs to go snowmobiling / off-road motorcycle / 4-wheeler during transport distances so it is important that she has a good balance ability and then even on a moving, shaking ground. It’s great if your legs are not too long and that the body is not too heavy. Be balanced across the narrow walkways and go over sparse bridges but to refuse.
  • Should
    she be able to bark on command intensive part when she runs cleans but also when she is sitting on a motor that drives reindeer. She will also be able to bark intensely on the command without showing any reindeer (to get the reindeer out of a dense forest or to get them up on a mountain side). It is also important that she can be quiet on command, stop barking on command.


  • Unafraid for, but not aggressive towards reindeer
    to cope with being in their heels on the reindeer and bark without going into bite or go attack them. Should be ready to say no to purify going to attack.
  • Responsive to commands, even at long distances
    , it should go to stop the dog from running reindeer even at long distances. Should be able to stop and stand still and wait for the command. Should be able to let the reindeer coming from behind to pass without charges against them. Go to route to go right / left / forward and also to go behind the driver. To go to get to suspend from chasing clean / reindeer.
  • The ability to look back in the driver
    she should be able to identify and seek out the right snowmobile / MC if she has moved away from the driver or fallen behind, although there are many scooters / MC on the fly.Especially important in the collection / drive in the forest environment.
  • Insensitive to stress
    to cope to remain calm even if it occurs stressful situations such as reindeer returns or father in different directions. Do not get stressed by a helicopter buzzing just above the reindeer (some dogs can be just as mad when a helicopter honking and driving the reindeer.
  • Should be bound and left without getting stressed / bark
    She should be provided adjacent to the reindeer / corral without barking or otherwise irritate the reindeer.
  • Going on motor vehicles
    Must be able to jump on and ride a snowmobile and 4-wheeler. Although able to fly by helicopter and terrain motorbike.
  • Fit for motor vehicles
    Then reindeer herding today is very mechanized so it is important that the dog is suitable for motor vehicles. Eg they do not bite the tires, not rushing toward their vehicles but instead steps aside on a scooter into the groove. Stay calm if a helicopter landing.
  • Water Passages
    Should be able to cross rivers, ditches without having to be worn.
  • Understand what is happening runtomkrin g 
    Not focusera in just a clean but able to see what purifies around making. Able to “read” what the reindeer is about to do.
  • Always kind to children
    can be a bit of strangers in adults, as evidenced by the lack of interest towards them.Through the dog to be very loose so it is important to never show aggression towards people. Should not go up to the unfamiliar tourists that it meets the job unless it is commanded to health.
  • Should be able to socialize in a sensible way with other stray dogs
    is important because many herding dogs are with the rensamling and then do not get fights occur or that they follow each other instead of each driver.


  • Typical of an appetizers Shepherd is that it should always be loose and still keep track of where the driver is. It is not the driver who should have to keep track of the dog by shouting and whistling. You should be able to hold on and work on the farm and the dog must keep track of where you are. If you go out in the woods or on the mountain then you should not have to keep track of where the dog is, it will periodically look up and check where you are.But that does not mean that it should have to be way up there which you all the time but can make their promises.

Olof T. Johansson                                                                               Glen

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